Wednesday, August 28, 2013

today's find: Biscuit Home!

I gotta tell ya- I love Biscuit bedding. The world has been a buzz with this wonderful line of bedding and home things for a while, and I have definitely hopped on the band-wagon.  The products are just the right mix of fun with classic.  Bailey and her team create patterns that are happy and exciting without being "too  much".  These are not patterns that you grow tired of; rather, they are patterns that I like more and more every time I look at them.   So I thought I'd give you a look at my DREAM shopping cart from Biscuit home.  I'm sorry to pass on my obsession because it will likely take up your time like it has mine, but yall this stuff is good.  You can spend forever coming up with your own combination of her fun linens for your bed PLUS there are other fun accessories etc.  Check out their website to shop and learn more about this brand:

My dream bedding: 

^^ these would be the 2 euros

and then 2 of ^these^ would sit in front of the euros

and then this little dude would sit in front of the big pillows-- the cherry on top

^^ This chartreuse lined white duvet would definitely be there

^^ and why not have chartreuse lined sheets? 

Also-- this lamp matches the sheets? too much? nahhh

And.... everything else: 

I mean I just need this for my key chain-- roll tide

I would carry my elephant key chain while wearing this fun earrings to work or hang out

Then when I got home to take my dog on a walk I could use this ^ cute collar and that cute leash  (minor problem- don't yet have a dog but that will happen) 

And this bag just rocks and its for a good cause-- check and check

There are also loads of good coffee table books on the site.  I selected some of my favorites to point out.  These are books to admire and learn from: 

Lets be honest, I will probably need a blanket and a candle burning while I read one of my new books.... Problem solved (see below): 

And Lastly: 

^^Pretty accurate because lets be serious I don't know^^

In summary-- you gotta check out Biscuit Bedding


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