Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Dreaming

We've been doing a lot of Holiday prep at work lately.  As most of yall know, I am obsessed with the Holidays.  There is nothing I adore more than family and friends gathered to eat, laugh, and celebrate.  So although it is only November 19th, I'm constantly dreaming of the wonderful things to come-- Christmas trees, delicious food, fires, and the people I love so dearly all gathered together.  All this said, this is a "design" blog so I wanted to share some of my current holiday inspiration.  No surprise, I like holiday decor that is simple, classic with a few whimsical touches.  This year, I am really loving white, emerald, glass, and silver.  Below is a small collection of such items.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Lake Inspiration

One of our newest projects is a new construction home at Lake Martin. We are thrilled for the opportunity to work at the lake-- one of our absolute favorite places! The lake is very special to my family and me.  It holds the happiest memories of laughing and relaxing with friends and family.  This is a new project so we are currently gathering inspiration from online, previous projects, and books.  I know this will be a fun project to share with yall over the blog as it progresses from a dream to a reality!  See some of our inspiration for this project in the pictures below: