Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Okay, okay I know what you are thinking-- "its been way too long since Katherine blogged and I really miss it." Ha, well at least half of that sentence is true.  I won't flatter myself to think you really missed it, but if you did-- well then thats just AWESOME! However, whether you missed it or not,  I'm BACK! I am so excited to get back to blogging. My life has finally found some sort of normalcy. It took a while to get back to routine after Graduation. But now that Summer is winding down, life seems to have found its rhythm.  I am excited to tell yall all about my job, some of the projects we are working on, and just about life in general.  Since I know many  most of my readers are friends from Vanderbilt, perhaps my blog will be of more interest than usual since we aren't seeing each other every day for me to talk your ear off! The blog definitely has some advantages-- just click the X button when you're done listening to me :)   All that said,  I am thrilled to be back to blogging and sharing my life/designs with yall.  In order to catch y'all up, I thought I'd post a couple pictures from my Summer.  Check out the pictures and I'll see yall tomorrow (seriously).  


Spent my last days of college with all my favorite people

My wonderful family came to Nashville to celebrate graduation.

And... then I graduated!!

Could not be more thankful for my four years with these interesting, thoughtful, loving, all-around awesome people

Went to the Greenbrier for the annual family trip!

My dad and brothers are the best !

Went to the beach quite a few times-- I love the Sunsets there. 

Picked a ton of hydrangeas from my mom's garden... my favorite flower!

Went on quite a few long walks with my momma. 

And then quickly undid the good of all those walks by eating desserts with Caroline.  

Had tea in Oxford, UK at The Old Parsonage. 

Walked around Mayfair in London and dreamed of living there. 

Celebrated with DOCTOR Phelps in London!

Went to France to explore, eat, and taste wine.

Wade came home!!

Ate amazing desserts to celebrate Paul's graduation!

Attended Paul's sister's wonderful wedding in North Carolina.  Designed the map pictured below for the welcome cards for all the guests. 

In summary-- i love Summer.  

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