Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Total Transformation: Apartment

I saw this story on Lonny earlier, and loved it because it proves that small spaces can be interesting, pretty, and personal.  I am totally overwhelmed with the prospect of decorating my first apartment over the next few weeks.  After having only lived in 4x5 dorm rooms for the past 4 years (thanks vandy), the prospect of even having a kitchen along with a bedroom AND a bathroom is pretty incredible. I think its intimidating to approach a space that is totally blank because there are so many options out there. However, I think this space has some great features that are worth learning from.  Take a look at this transformation-- pretty awesome: 

Living Room BEFORE

Living Room AFTER


  • The new space is almost entirely bright white save the floors.  The strong white actually makes the space feel larger.  The light at the end of room mixes with the white walls and almost makes it impossible to see the end of the room. The animal head seems to sort of float at the end of the room. 
  • Black light fixture and animal head= great contrast
  • The designer took out one of the sofas in order to open up the space, and then added seating that brought contrast to the room and was more interesting
  • The rug provides another neutral and makes the space cozier 
  • FLOWERS-- every room looks  better with flowers

  • ^^ this mantle is so calm and simple-- buy different size cheap glass vases and fill each with one flower of the same kind/color--> instant chic! 

Hallway/office/eating area BEFORE

hallway/ office/ eating area AFTER


  • the round table is multi-functional: eating, resting books, desk space BUT also is a good looking transition piece since the room is used as a hallway between living room and bedroom
  • cleaner, more straight line organization on the left side
  • things in pairs: mirror side tables that reflect the room to  make it larger AND tall lamps to lift your eyes up
  • WHITE walls -- help the space seem more open, cleaner, and bigger
  • boards above the desk-- fun and a great place to put things you want to remember/you love
  • and FLOWERS-- always work! 

 Bedroom BEFORE

Bedroom AFTER

  • the white does wonders in this room
  • made up bed with white, stark linens 
  • fun pillows on the bed
  • let the light in ! 
  • ghost chair in the corner
  • kept the contrast of white and brown by using the pre-existing shades

have a GREAT Tuesday! 

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