Thursday, August 22, 2013

COLOR: white

Is white a color? I'm not technically certain how to categorize it given that it is more like the absence of color than a color itself.  But lets just say for the purpose of this post that it is in fact a color.  This is my blog--> I make the rules.

I find myself gravitating towards white lately because of how crisp and clean it feels.  Even the oldest or junkiest of rooms find a breath of fresh air when a neutral like white is invited in.

My boss always says that there is a coordination, often times, between what people choose to wear and what people like in their surroundings.  I would have to admit this is more than true for me.  I am a neutral girl.  I remember one time in college, Brandon, a good friend of mine, was trying to help me pick out an outfit for a party that involved wearing lots of bright colors.  She took one look at all the browns, grays, whites, dark blues, and tans in my closet and gave up.

I think that neutrals especially white require little fuss. They are simple and classic.  However I would like to say that I am not a fan of all white/all neutral.  I think a foundation of a neutral or a neutral theme in a room is wonderful. But when a room is entirely white, it often loses me.  I find the room to be too sterile with not enough character.  Color is one simple way that we can add character to our rooms.  So my suggestion would be -- find a base neutral but then add pops of color! The pops of color remind us that this is your room.

I've attached some pictures below of whites being used in fresh and simple ways.  Notice that even in the rooms that are predominantly white, there is a hint of color or some sort of juxtaposition to another heavier material.  The juxtaposition serves to add character and interest to the room.

Some of my favorite neutral paint colors:

-912 Linen White, Benjamin Moore
- 2003 Pointing, Farrow and Ball
-SW6385 Dover White, Sherin-Williams

Contrast between the white walls/chairs and the wood floor/table

Love the use of dark faucet, stools, sink, and light to contrast the white cabinets, marble, and wall color

I love the slight contrast of neutrals-- the white tile and sinks against the slightly tan wall color

The brown vanity, floor, sink vs. the white walls

This room uses different textures to show that white can be multi-dimensional as opposed to flat, and the purple flowers help too! 

Again, the colored bedding and brown chair vs. the white walls and doors.  This room shows that the contrast doesn't have to be very distinct.  As you can see, all the colors in this room are relatively muted but still they are interesting because of the slight variation.

dark wood bed and brown night stand vs. white

floors and stools vs. white
(those stools rock)

nature vs. white 

Hope this gave you some ideas for your own house, apartment, condo, dorm... 


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