Wednesday, August 28, 2013

today's find: Biscuit Home!

I gotta tell ya- I love Biscuit bedding. The world has been a buzz with this wonderful line of bedding and home things for a while, and I have definitely hopped on the band-wagon.  The products are just the right mix of fun with classic.  Bailey and her team create patterns that are happy and exciting without being "too  much".  These are not patterns that you grow tired of; rather, they are patterns that I like more and more every time I look at them.   So I thought I'd give you a look at my DREAM shopping cart from Biscuit home.  I'm sorry to pass on my obsession because it will likely take up your time like it has mine, but yall this stuff is good.  You can spend forever coming up with your own combination of her fun linens for your bed PLUS there are other fun accessories etc.  Check out their website to shop and learn more about this brand:

My dream bedding: 

^^ these would be the 2 euros

and then 2 of ^these^ would sit in front of the euros

and then this little dude would sit in front of the big pillows-- the cherry on top

^^ This chartreuse lined white duvet would definitely be there

^^ and why not have chartreuse lined sheets? 

Also-- this lamp matches the sheets? too much? nahhh

And.... everything else: 

I mean I just need this for my key chain-- roll tide

I would carry my elephant key chain while wearing this fun earrings to work or hang out

Then when I got home to take my dog on a walk I could use this ^ cute collar and that cute leash  (minor problem- don't yet have a dog but that will happen) 

And this bag just rocks and its for a good cause-- check and check

There are also loads of good coffee table books on the site.  I selected some of my favorites to point out.  These are books to admire and learn from: 

Lets be honest, I will probably need a blanket and a candle burning while I read one of my new books.... Problem solved (see below): 

And Lastly: 

^^Pretty accurate because lets be serious I don't know^^

In summary-- you gotta check out Biscuit Bedding


Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Farm

For as long as I can remember, my family and I have escaped to Southern Alabama for a little r&r.  In a remote area of the state, near where my mother grew up, we can take our focus outdoors-- hiking, riding horses, and fishing.  I love being here together because it removes so many of the outside distractions of everyday life.  

Being here this weekend, i've realized that this place is full of most of my favorite colors and materials-- white, brown, green, blue, red/ wood and stone. The places you've been whether for a day or for years absolutely influence who you become and what you identify as beautiful. I love interior design and architecture because in its own special way it tells the story of the people who live there. 

I love this place for its natural beauty.  I am drawn to designs that reflect this beauty- simple and natural.  Below i've showed some pictures of the farm as a way of drawing inspiration. Our artistic creations are all just small reflections the greatest artist, our Lord. Pretty cool to live in a world such as this. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

COLOR: white

Is white a color? I'm not technically certain how to categorize it given that it is more like the absence of color than a color itself.  But lets just say for the purpose of this post that it is in fact a color.  This is my blog--> I make the rules.

I find myself gravitating towards white lately because of how crisp and clean it feels.  Even the oldest or junkiest of rooms find a breath of fresh air when a neutral like white is invited in.

My boss always says that there is a coordination, often times, between what people choose to wear and what people like in their surroundings.  I would have to admit this is more than true for me.  I am a neutral girl.  I remember one time in college, Brandon, a good friend of mine, was trying to help me pick out an outfit for a party that involved wearing lots of bright colors.  She took one look at all the browns, grays, whites, dark blues, and tans in my closet and gave up.

I think that neutrals especially white require little fuss. They are simple and classic.  However I would like to say that I am not a fan of all white/all neutral.  I think a foundation of a neutral or a neutral theme in a room is wonderful. But when a room is entirely white, it often loses me.  I find the room to be too sterile with not enough character.  Color is one simple way that we can add character to our rooms.  So my suggestion would be -- find a base neutral but then add pops of color! The pops of color remind us that this is your room.

I've attached some pictures below of whites being used in fresh and simple ways.  Notice that even in the rooms that are predominantly white, there is a hint of color or some sort of juxtaposition to another heavier material.  The juxtaposition serves to add character and interest to the room.

Some of my favorite neutral paint colors:

-912 Linen White, Benjamin Moore
- 2003 Pointing, Farrow and Ball
-SW6385 Dover White, Sherin-Williams

Contrast between the white walls/chairs and the wood floor/table

Love the use of dark faucet, stools, sink, and light to contrast the white cabinets, marble, and wall color

I love the slight contrast of neutrals-- the white tile and sinks against the slightly tan wall color

The brown vanity, floor, sink vs. the white walls

This room uses different textures to show that white can be multi-dimensional as opposed to flat, and the purple flowers help too! 

Again, the colored bedding and brown chair vs. the white walls and doors.  This room shows that the contrast doesn't have to be very distinct.  As you can see, all the colors in this room are relatively muted but still they are interesting because of the slight variation.

dark wood bed and brown night stand vs. white

floors and stools vs. white
(those stools rock)

nature vs. white 

Hope this gave you some ideas for your own house, apartment, condo, dorm... 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Okay, okay I know what you are thinking-- "its been way too long since Katherine blogged and I really miss it." Ha, well at least half of that sentence is true.  I won't flatter myself to think you really missed it, but if you did-- well then thats just AWESOME! However, whether you missed it or not,  I'm BACK! I am so excited to get back to blogging. My life has finally found some sort of normalcy. It took a while to get back to routine after Graduation. But now that Summer is winding down, life seems to have found its rhythm.  I am excited to tell yall all about my job, some of the projects we are working on, and just about life in general.  Since I know many  most of my readers are friends from Vanderbilt, perhaps my blog will be of more interest than usual since we aren't seeing each other every day for me to talk your ear off! The blog definitely has some advantages-- just click the X button when you're done listening to me :)   All that said,  I am thrilled to be back to blogging and sharing my life/designs with yall.  In order to catch y'all up, I thought I'd post a couple pictures from my Summer.  Check out the pictures and I'll see yall tomorrow (seriously).  


Spent my last days of college with all my favorite people

My wonderful family came to Nashville to celebrate graduation.

And... then I graduated!!

Could not be more thankful for my four years with these interesting, thoughtful, loving, all-around awesome people

Went to the Greenbrier for the annual family trip!

My dad and brothers are the best !

Went to the beach quite a few times-- I love the Sunsets there. 

Picked a ton of hydrangeas from my mom's garden... my favorite flower!

Went on quite a few long walks with my momma. 

And then quickly undid the good of all those walks by eating desserts with Caroline.  

Had tea in Oxford, UK at The Old Parsonage. 

Walked around Mayfair in London and dreamed of living there. 

Celebrated with DOCTOR Phelps in London!

Went to France to explore, eat, and taste wine.

Wade came home!!

Ate amazing desserts to celebrate Paul's graduation!

Attended Paul's sister's wonderful wedding in North Carolina.  Designed the map pictured below for the welcome cards for all the guests. 

In summary-- i love Summer.