Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nancy Meyers

This weekend I watched one of my favorite movies -- Father of the Bride.  The movie has a sweet storyline and hilarious actors (Steve Martin is the best).  Yet the movie is made even more special by the perfect setting. The settings in the movie from the idyllic colonial home to the lovely backyard were created by the movie's talented director, Nancy Meyers.  Although a fabulous director, Nancy Meyers is also a talented designer.  In all of her movies, Meyers works to create a setting that is not only beautiful but also appropriate to the story line.  Her sets add to the storyline as opposed to distracting from it.  Would Father of the Bride be as successful without the perfect backyard setting? I'd argue that it would not.  Meyers uses her sets to paint a picture on which her stories can unfold.  Meyers delights in creating the perfect setting for all her movies.  She remarks that  “[she] can’t redo [her] own house every three I put all that energy into my movies.”  That energy surely shows in not only Father of the Bride but also in her other movies: The Parent Trap, Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday, and It's Complicated.  

Colonial home in Father of the Bride

kitchen in Father of the Bride 

Cotswold cottage in The Holiday
who wouldn't want to drink coffee and sit by the fire here? 

bathroom in the Cotswold cottage in The Holiday

Den in the Cotswold cottage in The Holiday

den in Something's Gotta Give

Master bedroom in Something's Gotta Give
i love the simplicity -- neutrals and classic furniture styles
moreover, the windows take advantage of the beautiful Hampton beach views 

Hampton beach house in Something's Gotta Give

Santa Barbara home in It's Complicated

PERFECT  kitchen in It's Complicated
(this is my dream kitchen)

Nancy Meyers

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