Monday, April 1, 2013

loving the journey.

I just love how joyous and happy the people in these photos are.  Sure, these are only photos and not reality. However, the smiles in these photos urge me to think about my face and how I look every day as I walk and drive around town and campus.  Do I wear a look of joy on my face? Truthfully, probably not.  I am often on my phone, checking my phone, or deep in thought (about both important and unimportant things). One of my resolutions this Spring is to find more joy in the journey.  As I walk and drive around, I want to take delight in the mundane movements of my day to day.  When I take this mindset, I know I am more likely to appreciate my surroundings and notice the small beautiful things around me. I hope these images inspire you to smile tomorrow no matter what your day involves. 

of course, it is easier to smile when Spring has officially sprung. Finally.  Enjoy the Sun everybody. 

xx, Katherine

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