Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a good tired

So, Monday has come and gone.  Hello Tuesday! I'm sorry that I have been so absent the past few days.  Its been one of those weeks-- in the best sort of way.  Last week was full of work and school events, but I am thankful for the busyness.  Busy weeks like last one leave me feeling tired, but sometimes tired is good.  Do you know what I mean? Sure, there are many times when I feel tired for the wrong reasons (like watching Revenge well into the night... such an addicting show).  But other times, I love being tired because it means I have used up my energy doing things that I love.  A wise friend once told me that she would never want to get to the end of her life and not feel as if she had not fully used her time and energy.  I identified with this wish and hope that I too could feel this way not only at the end of my life but at the end of each week.  Each day is a gift, should we not live it this way?

here is a glimpse at my weekend. it was a glorious and sunny weekend to say the least.

enjoyed the beautiful Spring weather

spent time with my sweet sister
(Roll Tide)

went on boat rides with best friends

hung out with the "belle" of the ball 

hope your weekends were full of delight and sunlight.  

love to you and yours

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