Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flowers and Interiors

Elle Decor recently compiled a look at some of the most unique and beautiful rooms with floral designs.  Although a huge fan of flowers, I wasn't sure that floral design (think wallpaper, paintings, fabrics) would fit with my preference for simple, clean design.  After looking at these photos I know i was wrong.  Sure, some of them might be a little more fluffy than I might choose for myself.  However, some of the rooms are just right-- simple with a lovely touch of the floral look.  What I like about these rooms is that they mix floral design with simplicity.  The floral features in these rooms serve as the cherry on top rather than overpowering the room.  In addition, I highly suggest taking a minute to visit to read all the information about each room.  Each of these rooms were created by highly talented designers and artists.  I've highlighted some of my favorite looks below.  

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