Thursday, September 26, 2013

Details: The Door (... or the Dores-- Go Vandy)

Recently at work, we have been going through some of our older inventory, thing we have used as props, and random finds etc. One of my favorite things we have uncovered is a pair of old pine doors. It sounds a little cliche or too "design-y" to go on and on about how cool and unique doors can be. BUT if you'll endure my word-vomit for just a second, I'll tell you I DO think doors are one of the most important elements to any room/house.  Think about it-- the door is one thing that we all use every. single. day.  So even if it seems like it is just a practical necessity, I think we would all benefit from appreciating this little piece of our rooms/homes.  Life is just better when you appreciate the small things- in all areas of life. SO all that said, check out these "cool and unique" doors.  I think you'll agree with me that even the smallest elements of our day to day can be special and beautiful.  Notice how the age, style, position, and color of the door does matter and can transform any room/home. 

** all images via Lonny**


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