Friday, September 27, 2013

Inspiration: Suzanne Kasler & Blackberry Farms

I have a real treat to share today.  Anyone who has ever talked to me about interior design will know that I adore almost everything Suzanne Kasler does.  She is an enormously talented designer with two books, a successful design firm, and many of her own furniture, fabric, and lighting lines.

 I love that her interiors are beautiful, creative, yet calm and well-edited.  I feel at peace when I look at photographs of her work.  I also appreciate her immense knowledge of design, art, and architecture.  She is a woman who knows her stuff! Further, I am impressed by her work with furniture, fabric, and lighting producers.  She has many of her own lines within larger companies.  Each of the lines she has helped design really reflect who she is as a designer and stay true to her aesthetic. At work, we often use things that were designed for (insert name) by Suzanne Kasler.

As you can tell, I kinda love this woman's work.  Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite Kasler projects.  The pictures below show a home built by the owners of Blackberry Farm.  Specifically, Sam Beall (who runs the Inn and is an amazing chef) lives here with his family.  I love this home because it reflects its Eastern Tennessee location.  The wood, the colors, the views-- it all speaks to its place.  Additioanlly, the home is honest.  What I mean by this is that the home looks like a family home. Although I love neutrals and light, calm design schemes, I love the use of comfy browns and tans in this home.  Once again, Kasler gets it just right by mixing the perfect amount of farm/family/Tennesse with elegance/simple/classic.  Perfect.

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