Monday, October 20, 2014

blog redo: lulu & lala

I was thinking about renaming this little blog of mine, when it hit me or rather it jumped on me... my dog that is! Meet "lulu & lala": a smart but silly german shepard & a spunky but sweet lab. I decided "lulu & lala" is the perfect name for a blog about home because for me, my dogs are home or rather they represent home for me. Lulu & lala are the keepers of my home. when i open the door everyday, they are my "welcome home" committee. they represent the things that I love about home the most: being comfortable, cozy, casual, & happy. This will be a blog about all things home: design and all its components [lighting, furniture, art, accessories], art, cooking, family, holidays, celebrations, and more. and of course, there will be more than enough stories about these two precious pups along the way....   I hope you follow along!

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