Tuesday, September 9, 2014

back to blogging!


After a long break from blogging, I signed back onto blogger this morning and it just felt right. I am back! Returning to blogging has been on my mind a lot lately. I find myself needing/wanting another outlet to share my ideas, inspiration shots, our work, and just another place to tell y'all what happened in my day.  So here I am. I hope y'all will rejoin this adventure with me.  

Today I am in Tuscaloosa working at an install for one of our most recent projects.  Working in Tuscaloosa has been a blast. The condo is right next to the stadium, and it will be used a lot for football weekends. Because of its extra fun use and location, we had a lot of fun coming up with happy (and crimson!) ideas for this space.  Despite the pops of crimson (and houndstooth!... sounds so cheesy but it really was ok!), the overall feel of the condo is very clean, well edited, and neutral. We are using a lot of whites, creams, & blacks.  Perhaps the coolest piece is a custom built cabinet to hold the avx equipment.  The cabinet is white lacquer with an aluminum front ... think West Elm, but much better! 

I am excited to share some of these pictures with you as it comes together.  Yesterday, we got everything into the condo (3 moving trucks & 5 floors later).  My sister who is in school in Tuscaloosa came to help us yesterday (and bring lunch!).  She is the best helper, and has an amazing sense of style.  I miss her so much so its so great to be able to spend this time together. Today we will start to unpack and place... stay tuned!  Once the project is finished, I will share the full transformation-- this project had a few months of construction, then decorating.. a full make-over! 

before pictures: 

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