Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Look Like This: bedroom style

I fell in love with the bedroom pictured below during a casual 2 hour 30 minute stroll through Pinterest.  This room has basically everything that I could imagine wanting in a bedroom: wide hardwood floors, leather elements, an iron bed, art, soft muted colors, and more. It feels nice, but not fancy.  You could really live in a room like this.  

A lot of time, our job as designers is to help "capture" a feeling that our client loves.  The "feeling" that a room gives off is more than just the various elements that make up the room. Rather, the "feeling" is the overall sense that the room gives off.  In the best rooms, the "feeling" of the room reflects the lifestyles/desires/interests of the client.  

I want to try to gather items from the internet that could be used to create a room with a similar feeling and look. Doing this shows that beautiful rooms don't have to be full of the fanciest things. This is such a fun exercise because there are SO many cool resources and ideas out there, and the internet has made these things more accessible than ever.  Plus its far better to shop for things for this room as opposed to things for myself (my bank account thanks me). Alright, here goes nothing: 

the bed: 
I have actually recently become a huge fan of iron beds especially ones with canopies. Perhaps the ONLY thing I would change about this room is to add sheer drapery hanging from the corners of the iron bed.  I love the juxtaposition of the masculine iron with the soft drapery. 

There are a lot of options for this type bed or one with a similar look. One of my favorites is from Pottery Barn: 


Every room needs a good chair to throw down your purse or keep a blanket.  I love how this particular room has a leather chair. Leather isn't a material you usually think of putting in a bedroom but in this room it adds just the right punch of masculine, darker color, and "cool." This butterfly chair from Urban Outfitters is a great price, comfy, and great looking.  


Since it is a little hard to see the rug in this picture, I'm gonna go out on a limb and chose something that I really like.  Dash and Albert is making a fantastic Moroccan Rug imitation with a price tag that even a recent college graduate can afford.  This rug sticks with the calm and simple "feel" of the room. Huge plus-- this rug is so soft and would feel great beneath your toes when you step out of bed. 


This lamp is perfect for reading before bed. 


Lighting can totally transform a room. I love that this room has light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. It breaks up the flatness of the ceiling.  Also by placing 2 lights on either side of the room, it provides balance.  Plus- these fixtures are so good lookin'. 


I love a bench at the end of the bed.  Without fail, I find myself plopping myself down on the bench to tie my shoes.  This bench keeps the lines/look of the bed. I also like adding "tufting" to the room.  ALWAYS good to mix in new materials and styles... keep it interesting! All the same or too perfect is TOO much. 


I am obsessed with this lamp, and all things white. This lamp is a little more feminine and "shiny" so it will stand out (in a good way!) in this room.


Simple wood bedside table from Crate and Barrel totally fits the bill for the bedside table.  Good price= check, good looking= check...


Last but not least, art.  You can buy pre-framed prints from places like West Elm (see below) OR buy some gallery frames from places like West Elm or Pottery Barn.  Frame your favorite photos, old letters, or other special things and put them in your room. You can either hang them or just prop them up on various surfaces. 

 ... don't you want to go relax in this room? I do. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments! I would love to help. 

Happy Tuesday!!


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