Sunday, March 31, 2013


"when nothing is sure, everything is possible" 
-Margaret Dabble

I came across this quote earlier.  The hope contained in these words spoke to the current feelings of my life.  Isn't it magical how words can do this? I don't know Margaret Dabble (an English novelist who is now 73), but I do identity with her through her words.  Words can express sentiments and feelings that remind us we are all human and many of us experience similar feelings over the course of our lives.  There is a unity that prevails when words speak truths like the one above.  The context in which Dabble said this might be (and most likely is) entirely different than my own context... but the effect is the same.  Her words remind me there is hope when I am sitting at my desk pondering the direction of my life (i hope this is a normal thing for a graduating college student).  I find myself completely blown away by the possibilities for next year.  It is daunting to consider the directions in which life could go. Yet I don't sense that Dabble was referring to the daunting nature of the statement "when nothing is sure." Rather, I feel certain that Dabble wanted to urge us to focus on the latter half of the quote -- "everything is possible."  EVERYTHING.  what if we really believed that? what if we believed we could all live a big life ? what would you do ?

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